Geographic mobility is not words …… it’s actions

A time for innovation ...

At the moment geographical mobility is a busy market. Once the decision has been made by the employee to move, an accompaniment allows him to carry out his mobility in the best conditions.

This is a necessary step in the development of geographical mobility, but it is clear that our services are only one of the answers to business needs.

Indeed, companies’ needs have changed. In an uncertain economic context where the quest for performance often involves the reorganization and evolution of the core business, employee’s mobility, particularly geographical, becomes a lever to ensure the company’s development.

Today, the big challenge for companies is to continue developing geographic mobility and its offer.

With this in mind, and from numerous exchanges with our customers, we decided to develop new tools to positively influence the decision on geographical mobility.

We would also like to thank the April and Agapes Restauration Groups as well as the psychologists from the Epsylon laboratory and Thomas Sigaud, associate researcher at the Center for Employment Studies, who accompanied us throughout the conception of our new services.

Today Via Humanis proposes innovative solutions to develop and secure the decision for geographical mobility. Come and discover NOE - the New Job Offer, discover the Mobilitest ...

Take the time for innovation!

Raphaël Demange - Chief Executive Officer



Making relocation available to all

The founders of the company put together their passion for the development and the management of services, to offer a new approach to geographical mobility.

Their wish: to democratize "relocation" in order to offer it to a maximum of employees, management and non-management, in order to match supply and demand in the labour market.

Via Humanis has imposed itself on the market for the last 12 years, becoming an independent player recognized by historical competitors. We have a consistent volume of activity. For example, our turnover exceeds 2 million euros.

In 2010, Raphaël Demange, Managing Director of Via Humanis, was vice-president of the SNPRM (National Union of Relocation and Mobility Professionals) and its President until 2013.

In 2014, he wished to see the industry progress, therefore, he became a founding member of FAR & MG (Federation of Actors of Relocation and Geographic Mobility).

Via Humanis is also a member of the Eura (European Relocation Association) since March 2012.

Also, all our employees and consultants participate in training sessions organized by the Federation (intercultural training, training on real estate laws, insurance, training in foreign languages ​​...) as well as in-house training.

At the end of 2013, Via Humanis and Olivier Doxaran created Via Humanis Sud-Ouest (SAS with a capital of € 40,000) to set up shop in the south-west of France. With a great network and in the business since 2009, Olivier Doxaran leads this entity which has great potential.

In 2016, in order to complete the support offered to the employee, the Via Humanis group decided to integrate real estate rental management into its offer by creating its subsidiary Via Humanis Immobilier.

In September 2018, Via Humanis has continued its development by creating Via Humanis Grand-Est in order to be closer to its customers. Géraldine Bolla is the Associate Director. She has chosen to partner with Via Humanis for its values ​​and to continue developing our offer with companies in the East of France.



Aurélie GUERIN

Resp. Grands Comptes


Directeur Général


Consultante Mobilité


Resp. Administration des Ventes


Directrice Générale Adjointe


Chef de projet

Sophie Cansouline

Consultante mobilité

Olivier Doxaran

Directeur associé

Via Humanis Sud Ouest


Consultante mobilité


Adjointe Administration des Ventes


Responsable d'agence

Saliha Houselstein

Consultante Mobilités

Bernard KNIK

Chargé Relation Clientèle

Lola Vives

Coordinatrice mobilités

Benjamin Dufois

Responsable d'agence

Jeanne Guilcher

Responsable Mobilités VHSO

Géraldine Bolla

Directrice Associée

Via Humanis Grand Est


Consultante Mobilité